Singapore ultra complete guide ❗ These must-pass attractions with gourmet hotels

🌸 Since Singapore opened its door to πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬, more and more children from all over the world apply for visas to travel to Singapore. Some children say that Singapore has no fun, and it will be over in three days. Well, take out a small book and focus on it.

⭐ must hit the top ten attractions: picture β‘‘β‘’
Universal studios Singapore πŸ—Ί ️
Highlights: It is the first Hollywood movie theme park in Southeast Asia, which integrates amusement, performance, scenic spots and restaurants. It is a good place for sightseeing and children
Chinatown πŸ₯
🌼 Highlights: Everything to eat, drink and have fun. The largest Chinese community in Singapore
Sentosa 🏝 ️
Highlights: Asia’s preferred entertainment place to punch in the southernmost point of “Asia”
Merlion Park β›²
🌼 Highlights: Singapore’s symbols and symbols take a photo to receive water and wealth
Marina Bay 🌊
Highlights: A great place to enjoy the night view. The Lion City is home to famous landmarks
Singapore Botanic Gardens 🌱
🌼 Highlight: The tropical forest in the city to enjoy the national flower of the state of Singapore
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore 🌻
Highlight: The world’s largest indoor waterfall captures tropical fantasy, Singapore’s new landmark
Singapore Zoo 🦁
🌼 Highlights: One of the world’s top ten zoos, fully open domestication mode
Clarke QuayπŸ’
Why it’s Great: A gorgeous snapshot of Singapore’s nightlife
🌼 Highlights: Indian community area, good place to eat, colorful houses

⭐ Specialty food snacks: FIG. 4
🎈 Kaya Toast 🍞 Kaya Toast
πŸ¦€ Chilli Crab
🎈 Laksa 🍜 Laksa
Bak Kut Teh 🍡 Bak Kut The
🎈 Coffee choking fish head πŸ₯˜ FishHead Curry
Hainan Chicken Rice 🍱 Chicken Rice
🎈 Milo Dinosaur 🍸Milo Dinosaur
β­• Singapore Visa πŸ“œ : FIG. 5
β­• Singapore travel and transportation πŸ›΄ : Figure β‘₯
β­• Value for Money Hotels in Singapore 🏨 : Picture ⑦

🌸 The ingenious combination of city and garden, the harmonious coexistence of history and modernity, together make Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ multi-cultural and infinite charm.

🌸 Plane hotel these broad to find formal travel agency booking, specific room type can be reserved, if encounter the ticket or the hotel’s last sheet, the price will surprise you oh 🌸


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