October 11 homicide in the U.S.

The October 11 homicide in the United States refers to a homicide that occurred on October 11, 2017 in Lawrence County, southeastern Ohio, the United States. The case resulted in 4 deaths and 1 serious injury.


On October 11, 2017, Lawrence County discovered that three adults were shot and killed in a trailer in the area. Another person was stabbed in the head and neck by a knife and has been sent to a nearby hospital for rescue.
The sheriff of the county, Lawless, pointed out earlier that according to the investigation, an 8-year-old boy was still living in the RV. According to the latest news from local media, the police found the boy in a hideout in the RV on the 12th and was shot dead.
Local television station WSAZ Channel 3 reported that Lorris said that the police are searching for the suspect, 23-year-old Aaron Lawson (Aaron Lawson). The police have yet to announce the reason for locking Lawson.

Ohio Criminal Investigation Bureau spokesperson and state attorney general’s office official Jill Del Greco said that the state’s Criminal Investigation Bureau is assisting the Lawrence County Police Department in investigating the case.

A homicide occurred in Lawrence County, southeastern Ohio, in the United States, resulting in 4 deaths and 1 serious injury. One of the children was killed.


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