Body suspension is all fake? These real and amazing stories reveal the same truth…

With most paranormal belief, our immediate reaction is to believe that someone is making it up, or that it’s unverifiable, but these examples of levitating bodies leave us wondering if we’ve been misled all these years.

When we talk about levitation, we don’t have to explain it too much to understand what it literally means. It means levitation without any external support, just by our own body structure.

Although such difficult to understand the phenomenon we can also see in magic, but the real human suspension is not magic, because magic is through special techniques to confuse the public eyes to achieve the ideal effect of behavior, does not meet our previous definition of pure human body.

The exact origin of this ability is unknown, but from what is available and what has been witnessed in recent years, it seems that this ability is not limited to a particular religion or sect, but to more devout practitioners.

While those of us who have been believers in science for years are reluctant to believe that such abilities cannot be explained, we have to admit that the phenomenon is real.

People will have the ability of high and low strength, so even if also has the special ability, also can have differences between them in overcoming gravity, not only is the time required for different, even after the height and maintaining time there will be differences, but they have in common is the float process is very slow, And they really don’t have anywhere to turn around.

In fact, there are many examples that make us doubt the truth of hearsay.

Relatively early records date back to 1910, when a French explorer recorded the story of a levitating lama.

Things happened in the Himalayas, he followed his expedition to the local expedition, for safety and other reasons they invited a lama to be the guide, but did not expect that it was this accidental decision to let him meet the life unforgettable meta-human.

The snow in that area was very deep, and the expedition people almost fell into the snow with every step, so it was difficult for the whole group to move.

But the lama as a guide was very light throughout, not only did he not get stuck in the snow, but he even seemed to float, barely standing on the ground. As it became more and more difficult, only the explorer, Owen, continued to follow the Lama and was shocked by what happened next.

On the way, the two of them passed through the Canyon, which, though not particularly grand, is more than 200 meters deep and 100 meters wide.

If two people climb the mountain from the side, it will take less than half a day, but it is absolutely impossible to reach the opposite side, the whole journey is very dangerous under the condition of snow at that time.

Because the situation was so difficult, Owen was frustrated as he faced the canyon and wondered what to do about it.

The Lama then did something that he would never forget.

The Lama bent and picked him up on his back and told him to close his eyes. Owen suddenly felt his body floating and opened his eyes to see that he was in the middle of the ravine. The guide, the Lama, was carrying him on his back as if he were treading on flat ground. In just a few minutes, he crossed the ravine, giving him a shock he will never forget.

After the expedition he returned to England and published his photographs and adventures in the Paris Times.

At that time, many people thought that the so-called adventure was all in his head, that he only told such a lie to attract attention, but the photo can not lie.

There are also examples in China to prove this rumor, the most typical of which is the highly educated people who have this ability. And this special person is currently teaching at Zhejiang University, bao Xiongtao.

You may think it is a bit fancier, but he is actually doing research on qigong in Zhejiang University, and he is one of the most famous floating ability in China.

The legend, who is also in his 40s, is said to have trained with a buddhist monk when he was 23. The master saw him very sincere, so he told him that he had a secret secret is hidden. Strictly speaking, this so-called method should belong to the secondary branch of tantric school. If you want to cultivate this method, you must practice it through meditation.

Of course, he did not follow a master to have such ability. In 1983, he studied with liu Hanwen, a renowned qigong teacher who was also a member of the Chinese Qigong Association. This part mainly studies the Central Plains secret gong, namely commonly known as Qigong. Later, he learned the standing pile skill from the yi Quan teacher, zhang Hongliang, who also taught him red sand palm and other skills.

After 12 years of continuous learning, his skills really improved, but he was not willing to use these skills to gain publicity. Even under the warm invitation of many predecessors, he only gave a few CPPCC predecessors show the ability of suspension. Although he only performed three times, one of his performances was captured on video and showed that levitation was a real thing.

The filming technology of Bao’s performance has become so advanced that the experimenter was actually present during the last television recording.

According to the test data feedback, when he works, her brain function is more than 200 times the average person, the brain wave value is also amazing. Because the average person is quiet at 9 to 12hz, and he only 5.07hz when working.

Perhaps more telling was the 1986 contest in which the seemingly bogus idea of floating a human body was put to the test.

The competition invited 20 practitioners to perform live, and of course most participants follow the yoga practice in such an environment as the United States, but that didn’t affect the levitating effect.

It was reported by many international news outlets, even the Liberty Times. It is said that more than 20 people participated in the competition at that time, although the height and time of floating are different, even the lowest person also fully floated up 60 cm. The tallest one even managed to reach 1.8 meters, an unimaginable height. High and low they did float in the air, tested by the public.

There is also an Indian man named Baya who also gained the ability to levitate through yoga. According to local legend, most people have to practice for 40 years before they can float in the mountains like fairies. And the old man’s ability was recognized by physicists, accompanied by a very famous Professor of biology and professor of anthropology in India.

According to the professor’s report and a video from the time, the man’s body became very soft and he was able to rise to a height of 10 meters, which lasted 30 minutes. At last he fell slowly with a peculiar level. Several professors on the scene in excitement and some doubts about the principle of the completion of the whole process, the detector added in advance to give them some answers.

In the case of the old man, there was airflow during liftoff, which was detected coming out of his body, but this did not explain their confusion but rather shocked them all the more. Because it takes a lot of energy to lift a man of 80 pounds in the air, which means there’s no way to explain the flow of air and energy coming out of his body. The detectors can only detect air coming out of his body but they don’t know where it’s coming from.

These real-life examples, along with videos and probe data from scientists, have provided some proof that the human body can actually develop a force to resist gravity under certain conditions, but further research has yielded little.

Most people with these abilities don’t make too much of a fuss, and many choose to live in seclusion rather than demonstrate their special abilities, let alone allow scientists to study them.

But in recent years there have been some results, and new scientists in Britain have published studies of such events. According to the report, most of these superpowers come from consciousness — harnessing the energy generated by the brain, allowing the brain waves to direct the body to create a special magnetic field change during this concentrated period of time, which counteracts the gravity that pulls us down to the earth and creates levitation.

But these reports don’t fully explain the mystery of levitation, and while years of development have given us the illusion of understanding the human body, there are many mysteries that are simply beyond the reach of current technology. Perhaps when the mystery of the human body is truly solved that day, each of us can have such a super power, and then, the world will be completely different.


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