Amazing real events in the world, the mystery of UFO flight 1628 in Japan

Some of the most spectacular UFO descriptions come from pilots and airplanes. They are familiar with the sky and various phenomena related to it. The strange and unidentified objects reported by witnesses always attract people’s attention.

One of the most detailed records of this type on record came from a crew member on a Japanese airliner flying over Alaska. Later, it has become a hot topic in the field of airborne UFO sightings.


It was November 17, 1986. Japan Airlines Flight 1628, a Japanese Boeing 747-200F cargo plane, flew from Paris to Japan’s Narita International Airport. The flight was carried out by the captain of Japan Airlines, a former fighter pilot and senior pilot, with more than 10,000 hours of flying experience. The plane took off at the scheduled time.

At approximately 5:11 pm, while the plane was flying over eastern Alaska, some crew members observed two unidentified objects on the left side of the plane, which were described as an array of illuminated rectangular thrusters. These things seem to be square, a bit like a cylinder, covering the clouds and darkness, but it is undeniable that they are obviously hovering around the aircraft, suddenly approaching the aircraft at a very fast speed, flying very close, inside the aircraft Illuminated by the light they emit, you can even feel the heat they emit.

The panicked captain called the Air Traffic Control Center and asked if there were other aircraft in the area. The Air Traffic Control Center replied that no aircraft was found on the radar. At this moment, the two UFOs began to fly and move in a very unstable manner, and a much larger spacecraft also faintly followed the plane.

The captain described the strange encounter: The distance from the light was far enough from us, and we did not feel immediate danger. I think it may be a UFO. The lights are still moving strangely. Most unexpectedly, two spacecraft appeared (in front of the plane) to emit lights. The inside of the cockpit was shining brightly, and I felt [the warmth of the flying saucer propeller] on my face. Then, after three to seven seconds, the fire—like a jet engine—stopped and turned into a small circle of light, and they began to fly horizontally at the same speed as ours.

A light flashed occasionally in the middle of the ship, like charcoal fire. Its shape is a square, flying 500 to 1000 feet in front of us, slightly higher than us. It is about the same size as the DC-8 fuselage (similar in size to the Boeing 707).

It is impossible for any man-made machine to suddenly appear in front of a large jet at a speed of 910 kilometers per hour and move forward in a formation parallel to ours. But we did not feel threatened or dangerous.

The captain referred to this larger spacecraft as the “mothership.” According to reports, it was twice the size of an aircraft carrier, looming on the horizon and hovering around the plane. It seems to be unaffected by gravity.

Since then, this case has aroused heated discussions in UFO circles, and various assumptions have been thrown out. The skeptical statement is that the astronauts lost their way and misidentified Venus and Mars, both of which were extremely bright at the time, or they were reflections from clouds or the result of optical illusions caused by ice crystals. However, we must remember that these are experienced pilots and they mentioned that the actual heat from the ufo is permeating the air around them.

Another skeptical view is that the captain is a believer in UFOs and believes in aliens, so the captain is not a completely impartial observer, but other pilots have also seen these strange phenomena, which makes things even more confusing.

If anything, what did Japan Airlines Flight 1628 see? Of course, these theories have been around this case, including that this is some kind of top-secret stealth technology or an experimental aircraft being tested, this is a real alien, or this It’s just Venus or ice crystals. The interesting thing here is that the pilot who recorded all this was rudely banned from flying. Is this cover-up evidence, or something else? Regardless of what happened here, this case has become one of the most discussed and common cases in the UFO literature, and it occupies an important position in many cases of pilots and the unknown world.


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