A 13-year-old girl in the UK rescued a bumblebee from the roadside and kept it as a pet

According to a report by the British “Daily Mail” on August 21, 13-year-old Lacey Shillinglaw (Lacey Shillinglaw) in Coventry, UK recently kept a bumblebee as a pet, and the bumblebee was sleeping next to her bed. , And even followed her to shop. According to reports, Lacey found a bumblebee lying on the road with wrinkled wings while walking the dog two weeks ago, so he took it home and took care of it carefully. After Bumblebee recovered his health, he didn’t want to leave, and followed Lacey everywhere, crawling on her. Lacey named the bumblebee Betty. She would feed Betty syrup, honey and strawberry jam. During the day, she would take it to the garden to enjoy nectar. At night, Betty would sleep on Lacey’s bedside table. Lacey said: “Betty is amazing, I love being with it. It’s furry, and I love our friendship.”


Bumblebees do not have a well-developed human brain. They are insects. For an insect, it is impossible to reach the pet level. Please pay attention to your health!


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