Life gets rich by the Kombo cycle

If we look at it from five or ten years from now, this year must be a year full of turning points.

For the first time in China’s history, there is enough money that has no place to go, and relatively low interest rates. The hole that can accommodate these huge funds before is blocked, and the money can no longer enter the real estate, so where will the trillions of dollars go?

Combo period

If you bet on the right thing, you basically win. For a long cycle of entrepreneurship or investors, it is to find and grasp the cycle opportunities.

Many people put Buffett said: fear when greedy, fear when greedy, this sentence hangs in the mouth. Now is the time when everyone is afraid, are you greedy?

We have to be more aggressive in our investments than we have been before. In terms of economic law, it is probably difficult to find another opportunity like this year in history.

Life is rich by the Combo cycle, can cross the class, defying the fate is not because you have much effort, but because you have good luck and beyond the ordinary people’s cognition, until the opportunity is luck, seize the opportunity depends on cognition.

Cycle Rich trilogy:

First, wait for periodic global or regional financial and economic crises. Like a human cold, these things happen periodically.

Then, taking advantage of the crisis to hit the price of high-quality assets very low at the same time, with the help of the above necessary measures to deal with the crisis of interest rate cuts and monetary water, debt and leverage to buy the undervalued core high-quality assets,

Finally wait for the crisis to lift profits out.


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