What is the harm of drinking too much coffee?

Many people like to drink coffee, a cup for breakfast, a cup for work, a cup for dinner, a cup for friends gathering… In fact, netizens ask, does drinking too much coffee affect the body?

The main substance of coffee is caffeine. After a cup of coffee, caffeine will be quickly absorbed by the stomach and intestines into the bloodstream, and then reach all parts of the body, excite the nerve substances to be released, and then the body will undergo a series of changes. So what happens if I drink too much coffee?

Drinking coffee affects sleep quality

Some studies have found that caffeine intake, even six hours before bedtime, is significantly detrimental to sleep. They said that if people want to get a good night’s sleep, they should try to avoid caffeine intake after 5pm. Experts say: “Most people experience insomnia after drinking coffee at night. This study shows that caffeine intake in the afternoon and evening must have a negative effect on the quality and quantity of sleep.”

Drinking too much coffee can cause high blood pressure

The main ingredient in coffee that affects blood pressure is caffeine. With the concentration and total amount of coffee ingested, the effect of caffeine on the human body is also different.

Moderate concentration and appropriate amount of coffee has an excitatory effect on the human brain, can refresh the spirit and improve fatigue; it also has a weaker heart excitement and diuretic effect. Coffee contains high-component polyphenol compounds, which are powerful antioxidants, which can delay the oxidation time of low-density lipoproteins up to three times, and have a certain protective effect on the cardiovascular system.

However, if the dose is increased, caffeine will directly excite the respiratory center and vascular movement center, deepen breathing and speed up blood pressure. Therefore, it is generally believed that a moderate amount of coffee will not aggravate hypertension, and a cup of coffee after breakfast will not increase blood pressure.

It should be noted: do not drink coffee after alcohol, so as not to increase the burden on the heart and blood vessels; do not drink too strong or too much coffee, otherwise it will make people become irritable or insomnia, which will also easily aggravate the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Drinking too much coffee will increase blood lipids

Studies have shown that after testing 1,007 men and 589 women, it was found that men who drank more than 5 cups of coffee a day had higher plasma cholesterol than those who did not drink coffee, especially low-density lipoprotein, which is related to arteriosclerosis. There is a tendency to promote arteriosclerosis.

In the female group, the amount of coffee consumed was less, the plasma cholesterol was only slightly higher than that of ordinary people, and the high-density lipoprotein that had the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis increased. Therefore, drinking too much coffee will increase blood lipids and easily promote arteriosclerosis; if you drink it in moderation, it will be harmless and even have certain benefits. As for drinking tea, studies have shown that it will not increase blood lipids, so you can drink it with confidence.


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