After two months of heavy use, the iPhone 12’s downsides, just downsides

1, the signal is poor, compared to my previous glory significantly worse, our company is bigger, because the machine signal itself is not so good, and the glory, and use it every time, but in the 12 signal of good, I understood the glory glory is basically can’t use 12 certainly can’t use, can glory will use 12 can’t use, one signal.


2. Poor battery life. The battery life of 12 should be about 20% weaker than my previous phone, which was just good enough.


3, heat dissipation is poor, long time brush douyin mobile phone can be hot, thin and double deck motherboard brings disadvantages, this is hard.


4, gesture is not good, go back to the top left corner of the frequent points, brush tiktok to open the comment area can not be quickly closed by gesture.


5, green screen, in order to keep the cell phone is not so dazzling, I opened the white point value, opened in dark mode on both sides of the green, but I’d rather it was green is better than dazzling, is better than that of the LCD screen, but the LCD screen blu-ray, always open eye, I took two years before the LCD, degree increase quickly, and with floaters, I don’t believe in LCD eye protection. It’s true that it looks comfortable. I often wear blue ray glasses now.


6, no high brush, this comparison you will know the difference, the difference is really big, if you must buy an apple, I suggest waiting for 13, high brush.


7. NFC is not open, so the access control card can not be used. My company’s attendance card before was all for mobile phones, but I knew this before I bought it, and reluctantly accepted it.


8, unlock only password and face recognition, no fingerprint, now input password is normal, one is wearing a mask face recognition can not be used, the second is lying down to pick up the phone identification is difficult to succeed.



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