Fifteen entrances to hell scattered all over the place(3)

By zac

9.Mayan cave

Maya must have the most unique hell gate. These natural underground caves are located in Mexico and Central America and are considered to be the home of the rain god Chaak, as well as a gateway to the underworld.
In the Mayan culture, these caves are the passages connecting life and death. Archaeologists have discovered Mayan temples and human remains in karst caves.
Nowadays most of these caves are regarded as tourist attractions rather than mysterious entrances to hell.

10.Japanese Mountain

Europeans are not the only ones who use the crater as an entrance to hell. The mountain of fear in Japan ’s Honshu is enveloped by the sulfur gas produced by the volcano. The Japanese subtitle of the mountain means “mountain of fear”.
With gloomy and gloomy scenery, and the smell of sulfur all year round, it is not surprising to get such a terrible reputation.
Like the Stygian River, the Santuchuan, which flows through the mountain of fear, is considered the only way for the dead to lead to the afterlife.

11.Hauska Castle

It is said that Hauska Castle, located in the north of Prague, sits on a mountain with no bottom cave, and that cave is the gateway to the underworld.
Another legend says that in the 13th century, King Botoca II of the Bohemia proposed to the death row prisoners that as long as they were willing to go into a cave and report what they saw and heard, their death penalty could be forgiven.
The first prisoner started to scream within seconds.
After he was pulled up, the prisoner’s hair turned gray, and it seemed that he was 30 years old. He whispered madly: There is a half-human creature below, waving strange wings.

12.Tenalen pt.

If you don’t want to deal with the ferrymen of Styx, then you can sneak into hell.
In the tenth volume of Ovid ’s Metamorphosis, Orpheus did not enter the world of the dead from the River Styx, but went to the River Styx through the Gate of Hell at Narus in Cape Tenaren, the southernmost part of Greece.

13.Masaya Volcano

Today, the local aborigines do not believe that the crater is a hell gate, but there are local legends that a witch lives under this hot lava.

In the past, local residents once foolishly thought that the eruption of the volcano was because the mountain god was angry, so he sent living people to sacrifice, and most of them sent some young children to make sacrifices.

In the past, people often said that the volcano is associated with hell and devil, and also called Masaya volcano as the mouth of hell.

14.Turkmenistan Hell’s Gate

Known as the “Hell’s Gate” Turkmenistan Dawaza Natural Gas Crater, this volcano was discovered by people in 1971, and this volcano burns all year round.

And no one knows when it burned, so this scene of purgatory also makes this volcano known as “the gate of hell”

15.Gate of Hell on Qinghai-Tibet

The Lingle Gorge, located in the Kunlun Mountains of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is a famous death valley in our country, even though the grass here is very fertile.

But the local Tibetans will never allow their cattle and sheep to graze here. It is said that many terrifying legends are spreading in the Lengle Canyon.