The mystery of the disappearance of the Valatah: the only survivor who had a nightmare got off the ship and got his life back

The distinction between science and ghosts is a mystery that the world cannot solve strictly. Sometimes, people always like to pin their lives on the so-called courage struggle against ghosts and gods. I always think that some events that foreshadow danger are suspicious of the faint-hearted. Therefore, the danger comes, and the daring and careful will get their lives back.


In 1997, the movie “Titanic”, which was adapted on the background of the sinking of the Titanic when the Titanic touched an iceberg in 1992, was released and received worldwide acclaim. Over the years, no matter how turbulent the film industry is, the Titanic is the white moonlight of the previous generation and the new darling of this generation. However, the movie is unique, but the disaster is never single. In history, in addition to the sinking of the Titanic, there are also three major mysteries of world navigation history, the mystery of the disappearance of the Vallatach, Mingheng and Jenny. Among them, the mystery of the disappearance of the Valatah is the most eye-catching, because there is a survivor in it, and his experience can be said to have the luck of the son of heaven in the novel. Because of the more than 200 people, he was the only one who survived, although the escape experience seemed a bit lovely to the other victims.

In 1908, a 140-meter-long ship with a weight of 930,000 tons was completed by Barkley and Kerr Shipbuilding Company under the entrustment of the British Blue Anchor Shipping Company, named “Valatah”. In November 1908, the ship started its maiden voyage from London to Australia. However, the sailing experience that this ship brought to the passengers can be described as a death voyage on the Wangchuan River. Soon after the ship parade, the entire hull shook. Not only the tourists but also some crew members who had been traveling at sea for a long time felt dizzy and nauseous. More than 500 passengers and 154 staff members on the ship thought they would be killed. Fortunately, they were unsafe, but after disembarking, they all said they would never take the ship again.

In response to the accident, the shipbuilding company conducted a thorough full-body inspection of the ship, and no fault was found. As a result, they believed that this trial was just a small accident and there was no major problem. In July 1909, the Waratah made its second voyage from London to Cape Town via Durban. Perhaps, at the time of death, people always have an intuitive prediction of danger. From the moment the news of going to sea came out, the captain felt that he was afraid that there would be no return. He left a letter to his father: This ship is heavy and heavy. I always feel unsafe. If I come back this time, I Don’t drive this ship.

Sawyer was one of the passengers on the ship and the only lucky person in the accident. When he told people about his escape experience, there was still a trace of fear on his face. Sawyer said that after boarding the ship, he felt a mess and felt that something was going to happen. Moreover, during the three nights from London to Durban, he had the same nightmare. In his dream he saw a demon in armor standing on the deck, waving his sword while calling his name. After waking up from the dream, the violently shaking hull made him feel that this dream was a reminder from God that the ship was about to have an accident.

So, after arriving in Durban, after telling his dream to others, he insisted on disembarking with his luggage. Others not only didn’t take it to heart, they also laughed at him for being timid and frightened by a nightmare. But who knows, not long after the ship set sail again, it encountered a big storm in the Indian Ocean. Afterwards, after a vigorous search by the rescue team, it was found that all the people on the ship except Sawyer were alive, and the ship was also missing.


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