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About 1200$! Sony ’s flagship mobile phone will be available for sale on May 22, netizens: show it if you do n’t make money

In February of this year, Sony released the latest flagship mobile phone Xperia 1 II in Japan. It is the industry’s first 90Hz refresh rate mobile phone with a 4K screen. Once it was released, it received widespread attention. The original plan was to start sales in April this year, but due to various reasons, it was finally launched on May 22. The price is […]


OnePlus responds to the camera’s “perspective” dispute: temporarily disabled, apologizes

Recently, the OnePlus 8 Pro mobile phone has been exposed to the “perspective” function, and a filter in the camera can “perspectively” part of the plastic casing and fabric to cause controversy. In the early morning of May 19th, Yijia Guanwei made a formal response, stating that “under very specific environmental conditions, the filter lens may have a slight perspective effect on special materials at […]


Don’t work hard on the curved screen, it’s really not easy to use

In today’s large-screen homogenization of mobile phones, the quality of a product is reflected in the screen to a large extent. Your screen has high resolution, good color, and high refresh rate. This represents a quasi flagship Products, if the screen is not good enough, no amount of black technology is useless. Although Huawei ’s P30 Pro was equipped with perverted lens modules and photosensitive […]