The benefits of talking to babies

What is the effect of talking to a baby? Many women who become mothers for the first time feel that it is funny to say something that no one understands to their newborns all day long, but in fact such language communication is very good for babies, and babies need to be similar to their mothers. Communication to promote the development of their language skills and establish a closer relationship with their mothers.


A Japanese researcher said: “When babies less than one month old hear babbles directed at them, the oxygen supply in the front area of their brains increases, and the nerve cells become more vigorous.” The newborn heard from the mother. When babbling, the nervous system in the front area of the brain becomes more active, which can promote the development of the baby’s language ability, and at the same time, it is also a way for his newborn to recognize his relatives.

Using emotional voices to communicate with babies can make babies’ brains more active, even when babies are sleeping, mothers can speak to them, because babies’ brains can still respond to babbles at this time.


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