After learning python, how to make money?

When I learned python, a friend I knew introduced to do a private job on a website. At that time, I made 4K by receiving an order, and then I took over the development of the website’s back-end interface, data processing and other things, and I made some money.


Private work refers to the process of using one’s own technology to settle the user’s entire demand in his spare time, and the other party pays a part of the deposit before the start, and pays the remaining amount after the completion of the work.

Python can be used to pick up private jobs, mainly focusing on these three, and the demand is decreasing:

Web crawler: crawl the data of the website or APP, provide the data to the user, or some also require the provision of the program;
Web background interface: For example, using Flask to provide API interface, I actually like this, but the demand is not much;
Data processing and analysis: It can be done directly with Python, or with the help of Pandas.
If you really want to make a little money in your spare time, you can actually learn Python crawlers first, and then receive livelihoods through multiple channels, and gradually improve your reputation, and you will naturally receive more.

Crawlers do not require much superb coding technology, nor much database knowledge, as long as there is a reasonable learning path and practical projects, you can learn well.

Note for private work:

1. Before doing work, first find out whether the remuneration mentioned by the customer is pre-tax or after-tax

2. Don’t fix the time with the customer. If you change the program, the problem will be corrected. It will take time to fix it.

3. Before doing work, communicate well with customers and figure out their needs

4. Do it in your free time and don’t delay your main business


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