Buy 128G or 256G for mobile phones?

For ordinary people, 512G/1TB is too big. It is estimated that the mobile phone will not be used up when it falls apart.

So, 128GB and 256GB, why do I suggest you use the latter?


First of all, friends will consider this issue, and there is no particularly large demand for mobile phone storage space. If they have a particularly large demand, they will definitely consider between 256G and 512G, precisely because of the demand for storage space.

The mobile phone routinely talks about storage and storage. For example, 8+128 and 12+256 in the subject of the question. The number before the + sign indicates the operating memory of the phone (similar to the amount of computing power), and the number after the + sign indicates the storage space (storage space) of the phone.

Buy 128G or 256G for mobile phones?
To make an inappropriate analogy, if the storage of 8G and 12G is compared to the pull of 8 cows and 12 cows, 128G and 256G are like the size of a car that can hold things. Theoretically, regardless of system optimization and GPU and CPU, the larger the memory, the smoother the mobile phone will run.

Under this understanding, combined with the storage usage of your last mobile phone, if the last mobile phone used more than 128G, considering that the new phone will be used for about 2 years, then the memory must be bought for 256. Personally recommend 12G for running memory, the more storage is the better.


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