How good is Bell Labs?

Bell Labs is the invention of many major inventions such as transistors, lasers, solar cells, light-emitting diodes, digital switches, communication satellites, electronic digital computers, cellular mobile communication equipment, long-distance television transmission, simulation languages, sound movies, stereo recordings, and communication networks. birthplace. Since 1925, Bell Labs has obtained more than 25,000 patents, and now, on average, it has obtained more than three patents every working day. The mission of Bell Labs is to create, produce and provide customers with innovative technologies that make Lucent Technologies a global leader in communication systems, products, components and network software.


So far, Bell Labs, which has been developing for nearly a hundred years, has made fruitful achievements. It has made outstanding contributions to the development of human communication, and there are many talents and brilliant stars here. Among them are Bell, Shannon, Shockley, and the managers of the same period, who ushered in a glorious era of information technology. When analyzing the success of Bell Labs, many people mentioned the number of scientific research personnel and capital investment. They are some important factors. However, these laboratories in many countries or enterprises have them. The author believes that the more important thing is the mechanism, followed by Talents, good mechanisms have absorbed excellent managers, and excellent managers have created an excellent scientific research environment, thereby attracting world-class talents to join, and then creating world-famous miracles.


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