Buffett: Decide whether you are poor or rich, often depends on whether you understand these 3 principles

Everyone wants to be rich, but not everyone can make themselves a rich person.

So, how can we make ourselves a rich person? How do we know whether we are poor or rich in the future? Warren Buffett may be able to tell you the answer.


Buffett believes that many people have heard of it more or less. As a world-class rich man and a world-renowned investor, his life is full of legends.

In the book “Buffett’s Advice for Children’s Life”, this sentence is summed up. The decision whether you are poor or rich depends largely on whether you understand these three principles.

Buffett: Decide whether you are poor or rich, often depends on whether you understand these 3 principles
The first reason: suppose you can only get one chance.

What do you mean? That is, when you encounter anything, you must be fully prepared and treat every opportunity as the last.

In this case, you can seize the opportunity well and make yourself rich.

After all, every one of us will always be negligent when doing things. But if we treat every opportunity as the last, in this case, we will take it more seriously, and only when we are fully prepared can we succeed more quickly.

Buffett believes that choosing the right stock investment is like hunting. If the elephant in your heart never shows up, try to save the bullet and don’t waste it on useless things.

In fact, in our reality, many people make this kind of mistake, that is, it is easy to lose watermelon and pick sesame seeds in the matter of making money.

We always think that in the days after us, there will be opportunities to make money. So we always make some wrong investments, for example: some areas we have never known and understood. Spending money on these things can easily make us lose all our capital.

And if we want to make a business, we need to carefully observe and distinguish in the early stage, whether this business is suitable for investment, first observe whether others are making profits, if so, we will hurry to enter Market. Then make a small profit. After making money, observe other better investors. If they have the intention to withdraw, we should also withdraw at this time. In this way, you won’t lose money.

So at any time, we need to seize the opportunity to press the launch button in our hands on time to ensure that it can hit the target.

This is one of the most important principles for whether a person can make money.

Buffett: Decide whether you are poor or rich, often depends on whether you understand these 3 principles
The second reason: Opportunities are won

Many poor people dare not fight for their own interests or actively pursue success. In the end they can only remain poor. Buffett believes that opportunities often need to be won by themselves.

Because no matter how good the idea is, no matter how complete the opportunity is, it will not succeed in many cases. At the last moment of success, we need to take the initiative to add weights to make the probability of success large enough.

Just like the protagonist of “When Happiness Knocks on the Door”, he made perfect preparations when he went to interview for the position of stock market trader. He still couldn’t have an interview opportunity, but he never gave up. By relying on his own wisdom and hard work in a taxi, he finally impressed the manager of the securities company, and then successfully entered the securities company, successfully turned into a positive, and had a stable income. .

So many times, when we do things, if we always do not take action, then no matter what we want to do, we will face the risk of failure.

Unfortunately, many poor people do not have the will to fight for it. The long-term poverty makes them afraid to compete and change the status quo. Even when doing things, they often give themselves many excuses to delay their study and work, and finally turn themselves into a worthless person. .

Those who can change their destiny are often those who take the initiative to find opportunities. They may earn very little at the beginning, but after long-term challenges and long-term learning, they will eventually earn more than before. Money.

Buffett: Decide whether you are poor or rich, often depends on whether you understand these 3 principles
The third principle: learn to hide your intelligence

As the saying goes, “big wisdom is foolish”, many times we want to become rich, we must hide our intelligence. Because there is no shortage of smart people in the world, many people feel that showing their own smartness in front of others will definitely gain the praise and admiration of others. But in fact, many people are inherently jealous of others.

So when your ability is not enough and your wealth has not accumulated much, we need to learn to hide ourselves. Don’t open up all your property to others.

Because no one wants others to live better than themselves except those who love you.

In addition, many people like to help people who are weaker than themselves. When you hide your intelligence, others will be more willing to help you.

Especially when doing business, we have to properly express that we don’t understand, so that you can learn more.

If you always look like you are in control, then it is easy to be regarded as a thorn in the eye of others.

After all, “wood is in the forest, the wind will destroy it”, this truth has been very correct since ancient times.

Therefore, if you want to become rich, you must seize every turnaround opportunity and take the initiative to fight for what you want, and at the same time not to highlight your intelligence too much, so that you can truly change yourself , Let yourself turn against the wind, let yourself become a wealthy person.

Finally, I hope this article can bring you inspiration and help.


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