Fifteen entrances to hell scattered all over the place(2)

By zac

4.Lax Curtius

Lax Curtius is now just a small hole in the Roman city square covered by ancient stone, but it is said to have been an unbroken earth gap.
According to the Roman historian Livy, the protagonist of this legend is Marcus Curtius. At that time, a large rift appeared in the middle of Rome, and the rift was too large to fill.
At that time, a saint predicted that if the cracks were not blocked, the Roman Republic would be destroyed unless sacrifices were made to make Rome powerful.

Marcus Curtius realized that the strength of Rome originated from weapons and the courage of the people, so he armed himself, and then entered the crack, leading to the world of the dead.
The crack finally closed, and Rome was preserved.

5.St. Patrick’s Purgatory

A legend related to Saint Patrick, the Irish guardian, refers to the island of Saints on Lake Deger, Ireland.
Legend has it that when Patrick was discouraged by the distrust of his followers, Christ showed his spirit and directed him to a cave on Saint Island.
Inside the cave is an abyss, that is the passage to purgatory. Before the sinner enters heaven after death, he needs to endure all kinds of torture in the purgatory to atone for himself.
In that hole, Patrick saw the terrible sight of hell.


In the 12th century, after 1104 eruptions, the Icelandic active volcano enjoyed the reputation of a hell passage.
Benedeit mentioned in the poem Voyage of St. Brendan that this volcano was the prison of Judas who betrayed Jesus.
The Hell name of Hekla volcano continues to spread. After 1341 eruptions, some claimed to have seen flying birds in the firelight, and some believed that those were actually souls.
Even in modern times, the Hekla volcano is still erupting, and some superstitious believe that this volcano is where the witch meets the devil.


The Styx is a river in northwestern Greece, but at the same time it is also a legendary thing.
In the poem Odyssey of the Greek blind poet Homer, Circe asked Odysseus to find the intersection of Styx and Pyriphlegethon while guiding him to the path of hell.

8. Lake Avonas

In the ancient Roman epic Aeneid, Aeneas entered the world of the dead from Lake Avonas in a crater near Kumai, Italy.
This volcanic lake is a sacred existence for Cumaean witches. In mythology, witches can bring living people to the world of the dead from here.
It is said that birds flying over this lake will be poisoned by the poisonous gas discharged from the lake. Because of this name, this lake has become the gate of hell.
The authenticity of the legend has not been verified, but at least now the birds in the lake are flying very cheerfully.