Fifteen entrances to hell scattered all over the place(1)

By zac

Whether in the East or the West, people in folklore believe in the existence of “hell”.
In fact, the legendary entrance to Hell collected by Prospective Gossip has a total of 15 places in the world, and each place has its own different places.

1.Chinese capital

This ghost town with more than two thousand years of history, located in Chongqing, has always been regarded as the end of the dead to the afterlife. Legend has it that during the Han Dynasty, there were two officials named Wang Fangping and Yin Chang. They gave up this world, practiced Taoist spells in Fengdu, and finally rose to immortality.
Later, the names of the two of them were erroneously referred to as the “yin king”, the king of the underworld. And the famous mountain overlooking Fengdu became their residence.
Most people in this city believe that they will be judged after death: they must pass the Hehe Bridge to judge their virtues, and then face the judgment of the Ten Palace Lords, and decide whether you are going directly into the reincarnation or they need to be tortured and then enter the reincarnation.
It is said that living people can go to the world of the dead by boat, but it will be dangerous along the way.

2.The Seven Gates of Hell in Pennsylvania

The Seven Gates of Hell in Pennsylvania. It is said that this door appeared after an unfortunate fire in the shelter. As long as you pass through the 7 doors, you will directly enter the hell.
But there is another saying: No one has ever passed through the fifth door, so no one knows what is behind the seventh door.
Leaving aside the question of leading to hell, the door itself is also problematic:
First, according to records, there were no shelters built in that place; second, there was only one door that looked the same as other local doors, and there were no seven.
No matter how terrible or unreliable the legend, this will not stop the curious explorer. Basically in the United States, there is a whole set of “Hell’s Gate”, and the Seventh Gate is not new.
But some wizards claim that the Sevenfold Gate of Hell is different because it is the gateway to the wizarding world after death.

3.Gate of Hell in Hierapolis

Hierapolis is an ancient Greek city on top of the hot springs, located in southwestern Turkey. It is considered to belong to the site of the god Pluto, the god in charge of the dead.
Only this year, archaeologists announced that this place is the legendary “gate of hell”. Legend has it that the gate of hell is located near a hot spring, and inside the gate is a ladder leading to hell.

Its surrounding environment is completely consistent with the legendary gate of hell. The gate hole is filled with poisonous gas, and the animals that enter the cave will die.
It is said that the Gate of Hell is a place of pilgrimage for religious people. The believers will enter the cave to sacrifice their souls to the Hades, but most pilgrims will drink the hot spring in the cave during the pilgrimage.
Then there is a spiritual meeting with the gods nearby—in fact, what scientists say is that the hot spring contains some hallucinogenic substances.