Anecdote! Kunming Mountain Mantis incident in 1962, the head of the mantis body, after dissection, let the experts dumbfounded

By zac

When you mention Kunlun Mountain, what do you think of? Dragon vein? Treasure? legend? The Kunlun Mountains have been full of mysterious colors since ancient times, and the special geographical environment has often accumulated snow, which makes humans look far away. In Chinese feng shui, China’s mountains and rivers are called dragon veins. Due to the mystery of the Kunlun Mountains, coupled with the geographical location of northwest China is high and southeast is low, it is believed that the world’s dragon veins leave Kunlun.

Kunlun Mountain is a king of mountains, and has been a frequent visitor to the hometown of Chinese mythology since ancient times. The story about it can not be said for three days and three nights. Some time before the reform and opening up, Kunlun Mountain was banned by the state. The reason is that many strange things have happened here, and there are also creatures unimaginable by humans. As early as 1962, horrible cockroaches were found on Kunlun Mountain, but the news was blocked.

In 1962, the National Expedition discovered this strange creature that looked like a mantis and looked like a human while exploring a cave. But they are different from praying mantises. They found upright animals in the cave, resembling human beings, and seemingly indistinguishable from praying mantises. They are covered in red and black shells, and the most frightening thing is that their arms are all made of blades, which seem to be extremely sharp. The expedition has not seen this creature, so it was very scared, and the mantis leaned forward, and seemed to be ready to jump and attack the expedition. Where the expedition team is the opponent of these monsters, they are all killed by three times, five and two.

Later, in order to kill this mantis, the central government ordered that it should be killed no matter how much it cost. So it used an armor-piercing projectile to kill the mantis. However, many soldiers also died at the time, which can be described as heavy casualties. The incident has also become the mystery of the 1962 Kunlun Mountain Mantis. Afterwards, the military doctors conducted a study on the mantis. Undoubtedly, these creatures are very similar to humans from the face to the neck, but their soft tissues are completely insect structures, and their entire trunks are covered with mucus, which is why the bullets cannot penetrate. s reason. But it seems that the legs are their shortcomings. This part is consistent with human tissues, but their leg muscles are extremely developed, which is where they have amazing jumping power.

In order to avoid panic, the Kunlun Mountain Mantis incident has been blocked by the central government until it was decrypted in the 1990s. Therefore, many people doubted the truth of this matter before, but according to insiders, the Mantis incident was indeed true. What do you think about this? Everyone is welcome to leave a message to express your views.