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Anecdote! Kunming Mountain Mantis incident in 1962, the head of the mantis body, after dissection, let the experts dumbfounded

When you mention Kunlun Mountain, what do you think of? Dragon vein? Treasure? legend? The Kunlun Mountains have been full of mysterious colors since ancient times, and the special geographical environment has often accumulated snow, which makes humans look far away. In Chinese feng shui, China’s mountains and rivers are called dragon veins. Due to the mystery of the Kunlun Mountains, coupled with the geographical […]


Fifteen entrances to hell scattered all over the place(3)

9.Mayan cave Maya must have the most unique hell gate. These natural underground caves are located in Mexico and Central America and are considered to be the home of the rain god Chaak, as well as a gateway to the underworld.In the Mayan culture, these caves are the passages connecting life and death. Archaeologists have discovered Mayan temples and human remains in karst caves.Nowadays most […]


Fifteen entrances to hell scattered all over the place(2)

4.Lax Curtius Lax Curtius is now just a small hole in the Roman city square covered by ancient stone, but it is said to have been an unbroken earth gap.According to the Roman historian Livy, the protagonist of this legend is Marcus Curtius. At that time, a large rift appeared in the middle of Rome, and the rift was too large to fill.At that time, […]


Fifteen entrances to hell scattered all over the place(1)

Whether in the East or the West, people in folklore believe in the existence of “hell”.In fact, the legendary entrance to Hell collected by Prospective Gossip has a total of 15 places in the world, and each place has its own different places. 1.Chinese capital This ghost town with more than two thousand years of history, located in Chongqing, has always been regarded as the […]