Explanation and supplement of Geralt’s eggs related to “The Witcher 3”

In the game, there are a lot of small hints and some small jokes corresponding to the content of the original work. Such content will always make people smile. I will list some interesting stories in this article for everyone to enjoy.

Geralt of Livia

Although Geralt is called Geralt of Livia, Livia is actually not the hometown where he was born, and the specific place of birth is not mentioned in the novel. This name was given to him by his teacher Vesemir. Taken, Jie, who was originally in Secondary Two, wanted to name himself “Geralt Roger Erik du Haut-Bellegarde”. (Also mentioned in the dialogue during the mission of Kyle Mohan in the game)

Geralt is the son of the Druid Sorceress Visenna and the warrior Colin (yes, the infertile Sorceress), because he was abandoned by his mother and left in Kyle Morhan as a demon hunter. Because he is a child of a sorcerer, he must be related to magic all his life, so he suffered too much medicine in the trial of grass and did not die. Because of this, he also endured mutation experiments that other witchers did not suffer. While his senses and stamina surpassed those of his peers, his hair turned white.

Geralt has the identity of a knight in blood and wine, which makes people feel strange. Why does a demon hunter also have the identity of a knight? This is in the novel where Geralt and his team crossed the river while looking for Xili under the background of the Second Northern War. They happened to encounter the battle on the Yalujia River Bridge. A knight canonized by Queen Mi Wei of Via, Geralt of Livia has since settled down. (Yes, Gwent Card: The Fallen Character of King Power)

Then there is another option for the title of Knight in Blood and Wine, and the other is LaVix of Horn Four. How did this name come from? This is when Queen Carrance of Sintra invited Geralt to attend the fifteenth birthday banquet of her daughter Princess Pavita (Hiri’s mother) and asked Geralt to use “Ravi, the noble lord of the Four Horns.” “X” (this place does not exist). This is also the engagement party for Xili’s parents


Geralt and the sorcerer Ye Naifa, who had undergone the trial of the green grass, were not fertile, so where did their daughters come from? In fact, Hilly is an “accidental law” set by Geralt and Hilly’s biological father. The queen of Sintra, Carrance, commissioned Geralt to get rid of a monster (cursed Ciri’s dad) at her daughter Pavetta’s selection banquet, but the righteous Geralt saved the hedgehog because of the curse. Prince Nilfgard facilitated his marriage to the princess and lifted the curse on him, so he asked Downey to use the law of accident in return, and eventually met his “son of destiny” twice in the tree forest and a small merchant’s house. “Hiri, and met her at the house of a small businessman he had saved on the road after Sintra fell and brought her to Kyle Mohan and raised her. At the same time, Hiri also became his apprentice and accepted the preliminary Demon hunter training.As we all know, Geralt’s swordsmanship is superb, and the magic seal of the demon hunter can be described as a “melee mage”, but this “melee mage” has really lost to the real “melee mage”-Wigofortes. At that time, Geralt fought hard to save Xili, but was stopped by Weigo. As a result, Weigo, as a warlock, broke Geralt’s thigh bone in two strokes with only the staff in his hand and without using magic. Let him have old cold legs on rainy days. It also left a lot of psychological shadow.

Maybe the old cold legs are the real reason why he would fall to death in one meterGeralt later recalled: The thing he regretted most was that he didn’t turn around and ran.


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